Project Strands


Importance of housing

The redevelopment of the Knab has housing firmly at its centre, with objectives including tackling poverty and inequality, creating and supporting jobs, meeting energy efficiency and fuel poverty targets, tackling the climate emergency and creating connected, successful communities.

The Local Housing Strategy vision is:

Shetland is a place where everyone is able to thrive; living well in strong, resilient communities; and where people and communities are able to help plan and deliver solutions to future challenges” and that “Shetland is an attractive place to live, work, study and invest.

The Knab Redevelopment has been identified as a key site to:

  1. Improve housing access, choice and reduce inequality;
  2. Provide homes in sustainable places where connectivity to jobs and local services are easy;
  3. Ensures homes are modern and energy efficient allowing everyone to find it easy and affordable to heat their property; and
  4. To support people to live independently and well at home.

How will this be achieved? By focusing on providing alternative, mixed tenure housing that is modern, energy efficient, fit for the future and one that places efficient homes at the heart of a new vibrant community in Lerwick.

Proposed Housing