Knab redevelopment


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The redevelopment of the Knab site presents an opportunity to create a vibrant, thriving, place that can help to meet critical needs within the community and sustain the town centre of Lerwick following the relocation of the school. The proposals have been developed following extensive stakeholder and community engagement on the future use of the site.

The Masterplan is an innovative approach representing a significant departure from how public property assets are commonly disposed of. Using this public asset to address the challenges of sustaining this fragile town centre is an important investment in Shetland’s future.

The 6.18 hectare school campus contains a core collection of historic buildings, including the Anderson Institute, the Bruce Hostel and the Janet Courtney Hostel which are listed and need to be retained and refurbished.

The key principles of the Masterplan are:

• A placemaking approach
• Weaving the new with the old
• Shelter and climate
• Variety
• A connected place
• Streets for people
• Managing vehicles and parking